Creatively Teaming With Clients to Cultivate Dreams & Accomplish Goals

We exist to help make your vision become reality!


You have dreams and ideas of where you would like to take your business & career. At Springboard, we have vision. We can see the big picture of where you want to go and we have the directions on how to get you there!


Springboard has 18 years experience garnering great media coverage, from the local newspaper to top national media and everything in between. We’ll start by discussing your vision… What are your needs? What is your “dream” coverage? We’ll set goals and put together a strategic plan to meet your needs and effectively tell your story. We will also create and implement a comprehensive social media plan individualized to your needs and target market.


At Springboard, it is our passion to help you become better at what you do. Research shows that people make their first impression in just two seconds and we want to provide you with the tools and resources for you to be your very best. From imaging to interviewing to audience/fan base interaction and everything in between, we are here to guide you through the process. We offer both one-on-one intensives and group seminars for you to choose whichever best meets your needs and budget.

Event Coordination & Promotion

With 15 years experience promoting and coordinating events, Springboard has a wealth of knowledge to help in this area! Working small, local events on up to the biggest music festivals in the country, we have extensive experience to not only build awareness for your event, but also to help coordinate the details so it runs smoothly and effectively.


Here at Springboard, we love to write! Press releases, artist bios, corporate bios, web copy, marketing copy, newsletters, social media updates, sales pages, script coverage and so much more... Let us know your need!


Springboard Entertainment is a boutique project and consulting company specializing in creative media, marketing and development solutions. We concentrate our efforts on public relations [music, film, book, event & corporate], social media management, marketing, artist and business development and event coordination. We understand the needs of clients and consumers alike, and strive to provide high-quality, individualized service. Springboard takes great pride in creating and nurturing an image and story for each of our clients that stands out in a crowded marketplace through strategic and innovative campaigns, which will propel clients to the next level. Personalized service and attention to detail are the cornerstones of the company, tempered with a fearless approach, a good attitude and a healthy sense of humor!
  • 2014

    2014 marks our 10th year!

    Our first decade was quite an adventure and we're excited for what the future holds! We built our foundation in Tennessee and are now set to establish our name in the Northeast. No matter where the company is located, we provide the same high quality services to clients around the world.

  • 2009

    We increased the depth of our pool of services

    We realized we were helping clients with much more than just pr, so we officially expanded what we do! Our client-base grew to include musicians, authors, artists, corporations and non-profits. We started offering management consulting, social media and event coordination services.

  • 2004

    We took a leap in 2004 and Springboard was born

    Springboard Entertainment was launched in Nashville, TN by Anita Crawford with the goal of providing quality, cost effective services to clients of all levels.

With 18 years of experience to her credit, Anita Crawford has a passion for helping businesses and individuals cultivate their dreams and accomplish their goals by picking up at the end of the client's skill-set and using her experience & knowledge to guide them down the road to success. Throughout her career, Anita has had the honor of working with world-renown musicians, actors and authors, up-and-comers and independent musicians, authors & artists just taking the first step onto their career ladder. She counts it a privilege to be able to speak into the lives and careers of others, help them pinpoint their dream and carry out the steps to make that dream come true. Over the years, Anita has participated in several music industry-related discussions, sat on seminar panels and taken part in feature articles on the Christian Music industry. She has been quoted in PR Week Magazine and was featured in an article in Alternative Press Magazine.